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Kairutatsu is a english speaking, Twitch Affiliate Affiliate. EN

KairuTatsu has reached 347 followers (347) so far. The Streamer introduces itself with „I'll do games, art (though I'm not very good yet :P), and probably you will catch me playing by myself or with a group of friends that I like playing with :D . I may be a bit awkward but I do definitely try my best!“ and does not belong to any team.
Updated May 19, 2024.
Language: EN English (English)
Twitch Status: Affiliate Affiliate
Account created: 6 years, 9 months ago (August 18, 2017)
Account anniversary in 90 days

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Last seen streaming: 37 minutes, 58 seconds ago

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Live Screenshots from Twitch Stream

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Views: 113
Stream Uptime: 4.67 hours
Game: Minecraft
Stream Title: [Multistream] [Vtuber] Modded MC almost like a dream | DreamCraft Day 6
Stream started: 2024-05-18T23:44:23Z
18+: YES

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Twitter: @kairutatsu

IG (instagram): @kairutatsu

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