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Xnimun is a english speaking, Twitch Affiliate Affiliate. EN

xNimun has reached 739 followers (739) so far. The Streamer introduces itself with „Hello luvs~ I am Kama. Tiny streamer. Big gamer. Just here to chill out, make friends, and rage all while eating a chimichanga. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time, I have a attention span of a squirrel, and shiny things distract me. Warning: I curse and burp alot.“, and is part of Team The Vigi-Verse.
Updated May 19, 2024.
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80,747 past 7 days
50,326 past 14 days
52,484 past 30 days
80,621 past 90 days
Language: EN English (English)
Twitch Status: Affiliate Affiliate
Account created: 8 years, 3 weeks ago (April 27, 2016)
Account anniversary in 342 days

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Last seen streaming: 2 days, 5 hours ago

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Live Screenshots from Twitch Stream

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2024-04-05 profile pic changed
2024-01-20 offline pic changed
2024-01-19 changed his twitch name from LadyKama
2024-01-02 profile pic changed
2023-11-28 profile pic changed
2023-09-05 offline pic changed
2023-04-11 offline pic changed
2023-04-03 changed his twitch name from PudgyGremlin
2022-11-14 profile pic changed
2022-08-22 profile pic changed


IG (instagram): @pudgygremlins

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